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Categories Tagged as Last Updated 27th July 2023 Written by Cait Dalton Itโ€™s been a super weird time for jobs and employment. Talk Twenties has covered issues such as redundancy and savings and has offered great advice which we hope youโ€™ve found useful. This time weโ€™re talking about how to make your own job to … Read more

Money Mistakes

Categories Tagged as Last Updated 14th July 2023 Written by Alexa Pereira I recently turned 30, and one of the things that I found myself thinking when I came to it was โ€œWhere did my 20s go?โ€. It genuinely took me a minute to think about the things that I had done. In the grand … Read more

Money Mistakes

Categories Tagged as Last Updated 5th July 2023 Written by Hattie Campbell People in their 20s are usually the most career-driven of any age group, especially us millennials. Weโ€™ve already been through one recession while we were growing up, weโ€™re currently going through another and if itโ€™s taught us anything, itโ€™s that weโ€™re tough little … Read more

garden plant - gardening

Categories Tagged as Last Updated 30th June 2023 Written by Jasmine Wilson The last few years have left us with a lot of time to reflect on our surroundings. We all want to live slightly more sustainable lifestyles, from the things we eat to what we purchase, so what better way to incorporate both practices … Read more

Money Mistakes

Categories Tagged as Last Updated 20 June 2023 Written by Phoebe Matthews June is Pride Month; a time for celebrating all kinds of love and identities, and an opportunity to raise awareness for LGBTQIA+ issues across the globe. As an ally, you have the power to make a difference by advocating for equality and fostering … Read more