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Categories Tagged as Last Updated 12th December 2022 Written by Gaby Mendes Youโ€™re not alone if youโ€™ve been worrying about money recently. Research from the Financial Conduct Authority found that, during the pandemic, 14.2 million of us considered ourselves to have low financial resilience and, as a result, were experiencing stress or anxiety.  There are … Read more

Categories Tagged as Last Updated 16th November 2022 Written by Gaby Mendes With the state of the world right now, many of us are finding that our money isnโ€™t going as far as it usually does. This means that saving for a rainy day / holiday / big milestone is either A LOT harder or … Read more

Talk Twenties has today announced that it will be partnering with Zopa Bank who will become the headline sponsor for the Talk Twenties Podcast and support the Finance and Money pillar of the Talk Twenties Platform.

Categories Tagged as Last Updated 22nd September 2022 Written by Gaby Mendes Cost of living crisis headlines are everywhere. You only have to turn on your TV or scroll on your newsfeed and you’ll come across someone talking about it pretty quickly. But, how does it actually effect us as twenty-somethings and what can we … Read more

Categories Tagged as This is how you go with the flow, literally Talk Twenties has partnered with Blob Box to bring you more information about your periods and cycle, the stuff that no-one taught us about in school! Check out Blob Box for the best monthly self-care packages here. Your period might only last a … Read more