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christmas presents

8 tips to get ready for Christmas now

AD – Blog post shared as part of a paid collaboration with Zopa Bank.

Tis the season to save! Christmas is slowly creeping up on us and buying presents can be one of the biggest worries of the year especially during the cost of living crisis. Never fear, we are here to give you 8 tips to get ready for Christmas, so you can enjoy it without worrying about money in the new year.

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8 ways to get ready for Christmas

1. Make a budget

Santa has his own list and so should you. Figure out how much money you’re realistically able to spend on gifts, decorations and food to avoid overspending. Buying Christmas presents doesn’t need to be stressful if you stick to your list and track your spending. 

Don’t think you have to buy presents for everyone you’ve ever met. Reign in your spending and prioritise your gift giving. Think of immediate family, close friends and people who hold a special place in your heart when buying Christmas presents this year.

2. Price check

Comparing gift prices in different retailers and online stores will help you to stay within your budget and stay on track with your spending. Use online price checkers to make sure you are getting enough bang for your buck. Visit online marketplaces such as Facebook and ebay to buy good quality/like new secondhand presents for a lower price.

3. Secret Santa

A great way to save on your Christmas spending is to arrange group gift giving whether at work or with your family. Embrace Secret Santa, pick a name out of a hat and agree on a spending limit. This will cap the money you are spending and relieve you of the stress of buying for everyone

4. Buy things in the sale

Get a head start on Christmas and begin thinking about presents earlier on in the year. It might sound crazy but even the January sales are a good place to buy Christmas presents for the following year, if you have a place to store them and won’t forget about them. 

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5. Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are traditionally days where you can get cheaper deals for Christmas presents. But remember to actually check if something is actually a good deal. If you know what you want to buy in advance, check the price before it goes on Black Friday sale as often companies can mislead you into thinking you’re getting a good deal!

6. Christmas Creativity 

If you’re feeling the strains of the festive season, why not get creative and give someone a handmade gift for Christmas. People appreciate time and effort rather than an expensive gift as it adds that personal touch you dont get with a shop bought gift. Think of what creative things you are good at and get to work. 

7. Bulk Deliveries

Bundling orders/deliveries means fewer postage fees, which quickly add up. If you plan ahead and figure out what and where you are buying your gifts from you can save money on delivery fees by ordering all your gifts at once and from the same retailer. A lot of retailers will also give you free delivery if you spend a certain amount so make sure you scour the web for discount shipping and delivery.

8. Breathe

Christmas is one day a year but it can often be the most stressful. We have to remind you that although it can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be. It should be all about surrounding yourself with loved ones. So make sure you take some time to focus on them!

Final thoughts

Remember, creating a budget and planning ahead for Chistmas can be a big help in relieving the stress that the festive season can have on your bank account and your mental health. By implementing these tips, you can spoil your family and friends and have an amazing Christmas whilst saving money too!