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About Us

Talk Twenties is a digital media channel that creates impactful, purpose-led content. Home to formats that pivot the traditional media industry. With edutainment that pushes boundaries, tackles taboos and creates human connection. Our team creates vibrant, youth-skewing content for the sought-after 16-35 audience. 

Our Mission

Here to help you figure your s*** out in your twenties.

The greatest form of edutainment.

We make life make sense by putting a spotlight on the topics and voices of the next generation.

Leading conversations that move well beyond our podcast, socials and events.

We’re the teacher, friend and wingman you didn’t know you needed.

How we started

Our founder, Gaby Mendes, graduated from university in 2016 and shortly after found herself in what can only be described as a quarter-life crisis.

She decided that no twenty-something should feel ill-equipped for adulthood so after a short stint in teaching she left to build Talk Twenties.

Launched in 2020, the Talk Twenties Podcast helps you navigate your twenties with greater ease. We chat to some of the most inspiring people on the planet about the roller-coaster decade that is your twenties. Nobody has it all figured out, but each episode will help you get you one step closer.

In 2023, Talk Twenties launched TwentiesFest, a 1-day festival dedicated to helping young people ‘figure their s*** out’.

In 2024, Talk Twenties announced the launch of new formats and shows for their YouTube channel and across social that pushes boundaries, tackles taboos and creates human connection.

The Team

Gaby Mendes Talk Twenties


Founder and Managing Director

Georgia Slater Talk Twenties


Creative Producer

Our team of freelancers

We couldn’t do it without them!

Subscriber love

“I’m in my twenties and feel like I am winging it a lot, it’s always good to know that people feel the same”


“Talk Twenties helped me through lockdown. I started going for walks in the park and it really sounded like I was having a chat with a friend”


“I feel accepted and understood listening to this podcast”


“I enjoy listening to the podcasts, they’re really inspirational”


“Talk Twenties podcast offers invaluable guidance for navigating the complexities of adulthood. With genuine conversations and great advice, Talk Twenties basically provides a lifeline for twenty-somethings facing career dilemmas, personal growth challenges, and more. I’m grateful for their platform, making life easier to navigate for us all. THANK YOU Talk Twenties, for being a beacon of support in the tumultuous journey of our twenties.”