For twenty-somethings by twenty-somethings


Nobody has it all figured out but we know first-hand, how easy it is to forget this. At Talk Twenties, we’re passionate about helping you be a more confident you in your twenties.

We know that school didn’t prepare us for actual adult life so we're here to cover all the stuff you never got taught in school and bridge the gap between full-time education and the big wide world of life as a twenty-something.

Whether it’s getting to grips with your finances, navigating a new career, buying a house or making new friends, our award-winning podcast, online courses, workshops and supportive community will be the teacher, friend and cheerleader you didn’t know you needed


Get to know our team

Gaby Mendes
Founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) 

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Hi, I'm Gaby. I'm from a little town in Gloucestershire originally but moved to Liverpool when I was 21. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up, I just had this belief that I would create something big and something different and that's what landed me here!

I'm a typical multi-hyphenate, I started out teaching when I graduated but have also tried my hand at waitressing, recruitment, event management over the years. 

I had a total panic when I graduated from university and felt at a total loss about what I was going to do with my life. From launching Talk Twenties I've realised I'm not alone in this and gradually with the support of this amazing community, I've grown in confidence.


Meg Tattersley
Higher Education Outreach Manager

Meg Williams
PR and Partnerships Manager


Alexa Pereira
Blog Manager


Laura Ann Moore
Talk Twenties Ambassador and Finance Expert


Sophie Killip 
Talk Twenties Ambassador and Wellbeing Expert

Jasmine Wilson
Talk Twenties Ambassador and Live Events Lead


Phoebe Matthews
Talk Twenties Ambassador


Cait Dalton
Talk Twenties Ambassador