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Categories Tagged as Last Updated 21st August 2023 Written by Jasmine Wilson Letโ€™s face it, change is a part of everyday life but that doesnโ€™t mean it feels any less daunting when it creeps up on you. This natural reaction from our brain tells us to react in a way to escape perceived danger, known … Read more

Categories Tagged as Last Updated 27th July 2023 Written by Cait Dalton Itโ€™s been a super weird time for jobs and employment. Talk Twenties has covered issues such as redundancy and savings and has offered great advice which we hope youโ€™ve found useful. This time weโ€™re talking about how to make your own job to … Read more

Money Mistakes

Categories Tagged as Last Updated 14th July 2023 Written by Alexa Pereira I recently turned 30, and one of the things that I found myself thinking when I came to it was โ€œWhere did my 20s go?โ€. It genuinely took me a minute to think about the things that I had done. In the grand … Read more

Money Mistakes

Categories Tagged as Last Updated 20 June 2023 Written by Phoebe Matthews June is Pride Month; a time for celebrating all kinds of love and identities, and an opportunity to raise awareness for LGBTQIA+ issues across the globe. As an ally, you have the power to make a difference by advocating for equality and fostering … Read more

making a card payment

To improve our relationship with money it’s about much more than just making more of it. Here’s 3 ways to reframe your thinking around money.