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Single life

Living the single life

There is often a stigma around being single, especially as we get further through our twenties. Cue a Bridget Jones’ pervy uncle caricature asking you ‘how’s your love life? Where’s your other half and when’s the wedding?’ Ugggh!

Well, there is certainly NOTHING wrong with being single in your 20s, or any age for that matter. Here are some perks you can enjoy whilst living the single life.

1. You have options

No need to check in and say ‘darling, I’m running late’ when you’re single! You can make spontaneous plans to hit up Slug and Lettuce with your gals and not have to think twice about someone else all of a sudden eating alone back at the flat. And can you honestly say that you can travel wherever and for however long you like whilst in a relationship? Some of you may have a lovely partner who wants to travel the world with you, but there usually has to be a compromise. 

2. No need to compromise

Being in a relationship means providing love and support for someone else, and whilst that’s a lovely thing to do, that often leads to putting someone else’s feelings before your own. But from compromising on things as small as which takeaway you’ll get to enjoy Gogglebox with, to the big things like where you’ll settle down and buy a house can feel like a full-time job in itself. As a single person, you choose that takeaway and bloody well enjoy it, safe in the knowledge that you haven’t squabbled over food.

3. It’s about self-care

You might have chosen to be single for reasons of self-care, and it is absolutely okay to send someone packing in this situation. Some people don’t know how to respect others; they might bitch about your friends, which slowly leads to you drifting further away from them, leaving you friend-less. Or maybe they’ve cheated. All are red flags and are a perfect reason to say ‘bye Felicia’. 

4. The money is yours

You can spend your money on whatever you like! No having to budget for weekly date nights or significant other’s birthday presents. The downside of this then comes when you’ve booked a getaway, booked a hotel room and can’t split the cost with your partner. But then again, you could just invite one of your besties and enjoy it that way!

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5. You’ve got more time

Being single allows you more free time to discover new hobbies and grow as an individual. You have the time to take that course, with no distractions, and meet like-minded individuals who share your passion. But you can also binge-watch that series your ex had no interest in when you were together! Happy days!

All things considered, being single should definitely be celebrated! You can ‘live your best life’, free from restrictions, be free to spread your wings and make independent decisions. Cheers to the single life!