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Why We Are Addicted and How To Break Free With Talitha Fosh

We talk with Psychotherapist, Talitha Fosh about her new booked Hooked. We learn what addiction is, why we are addicted and how to break free from addiction. You don’t need to be an “addict” to engage in destructive addictive behaviours.

Talitha is a recovered addict from drugs and alcohol and became sober at 22.

Talitha talks us through her journey and lessons she has learnt. This episode is for anyone who struggles with addictive behaviour. Psychotherapist Tally Fosh sheds light on the true meaning of addiction and the subtle ways it can manifest itself without our awareness. She explores why we often seek external factors to change the way we feel internally, and provides practical tips and tools to help readers break any self-destructive cycle they may find themselves in using easy steps

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