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Wedding Planning 101 With The Unfiltered Bride

Georgie & Beth give the tea on wedding planning, if you are too young to get married, marrying the wrong person and all the exclusive hacks you need to know. 

Wedding industry experts Georgie & Beth share their top tips, expert bridal dramas and everything in between (mainly the gossip) on The Unfiltered Bride Podcast. They joined Talk Twenties to give a deeper insight into weddings in your 20s.

The Unfiltered Bride is brought to the talk twenties podcast. We chat to them about:

  • Average age to get married
  • Getting Married before 21
  • Having kids before marriage 
  • How long an engagement should last
  • How to find your perfect partner
  • Milestone clock on women
  • Live together before marrying eachother
  • What wedding planners and event stylists ACTUALLY do
  • Signs a couple will STAY together
  • Types of brides
  • Duties of people at a wedding
  • Cost brackets of a wedding
  • Secret TIPS to couples
  • The scoop of the unfiltered bride
  • Adulting failures, advice and stories from Georgie & Beth
  • and so much more that you will have to wait and see…

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