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University Dilemmas with Lils Takes: Fancying Lecturers, Making Friends, Only fans & Cheating

Lils Takes on University Dilemas from Fancying your lecturer, Making friends at uni, Boyfriends using porn, cheating and worse all on the Talk Twenties Podcast.

We chat through your dilemas and questions about the juiciest topics and give advice like the big sister you need. Gaby is joined by Lily Draycott or mainly known as Lilstakes on TikTok to her 1.3Million followers posting her thoughts and feelings online (and she is very funny).

In this episode Lily Draycott talks about

  • Fancying your lecturer
  • Dating and Tinder / Hinge
  • Friends Betraying you
  • Partners cheating on you
  • Boyfriends using porn and lying about it
  • Only fans “he signed up to his ex’s only fans”
  • Missing your ex in a new relationship
  • Lils takes biggest adulting failure
  • the bts of Lily Draycott
  • the future for Lily Draycott aka Lils Takes

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