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Top Tips On How To Manage, Make & Understand Money with Pennies To Pounds 

Do you want to take 10 holidays a year all within budget, learn the best money hacks in your 20s with simple breakdowns on shares, investing, credit cards and more? Kia Commodore is the founder of Pennies To Pounds and is a genius when it comes to managing, making and understanding money and your personal finance.

You may have inheritance money, saved all your life, worked for every penny, or you need to know all of the money hacks in your 20s then Pennies to Pounds is here to help. Kia started Pennies to Pounds with the mission of sharing the ultimate destination for accessible and jargon-free financial education.

In this episode the Kia talks about:

  • Traveling the world cheap
  • Money hacks
  • Side Hustles
  • Inheritance money
  • Saving Money
  • Making Money
  • Understanding Money
  • Adulting failures

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