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Thursday Founders Talk Dating Advice, The Future of Dating & IRL Dating

The Dating App That Pushes Boundaries:Thursday Dating, “The Biggest Social Experiment Pear” & Marketing Failures We’re joined by the creators of Thursday, the anti-dating app that only works 1 day a week and focuses on IRL dating instead of the apps.

This Talk Twenties episode gives you the behind the scenes tea from one of the UK’s most exciting dating companies Thursday. So if you’re looking to find your match, or maybe you’re here because you’re interested in what it takes to build a business in the dating world then, this the episode for you.

  • What is Thursday Dating
  • Thursday Dating Events
  • Why People are scared to date IRL
  • Anti-dating app
  • Thursday Dating Success Stories
  • Percentage of matches that result in dates
  • Red flags when dating IRL
  • Pear – Biggest Social Experiment
  • Approaching stranger for a date
  • Process of starting a dating app
  • Number of Thursday members
  • Thursday Dating Marketing wins and fails
  • 80/20 rule in marketing

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