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The Sidemen Secret with Jordan Schwarzenberger: Sidemen Manager and Co-founder of Arcade Media

This is the ⁠sidemen⁠ secret, the secret to their success and the man behind the scenes, ⁠Jordan Schwarzenberger⁠. Jordan is still in his mid 20s and has had an incredible career, all as a university drop out who has NEVER applied for a job – even at his previous workplaces such as Vice and LadBible Group.

As cofounder of entertainment company Arcade Media, Jordan Schwarzenberger manages clients such as British YouTube group The Sidemen and helps launch brands such as YouTuber KSI’s companies Sides and XIX Vodka. Prior to Arcade Media, Schwarzenberger was chief creative officer at talent management company and worked at Vice News. 

In this episode Jordan Schwarzenberger talks about:

  • Career and how to stand out to employers
  • The secret to success The sidemen and their secrets
  • Jordan’s role in the success of Amelia Dimoldenberg
  • Tips for marriage and Jordan’s story of marrying young
  • Adulting failures
  • Life lessons from Jordan Schwarzenberger

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