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The Secret To Living In Your 20s with Danny Williams | Self Awareness, Confidence, Resilience & Discipline

Danny Williams shares the secrets to self awareness, confidence, resilience and discipline in your 20s. These are key skills which you need to navigate your 20s successfully. Danny, a previous Model and Love Island star at only 21 years old talks about how after all this “success” he survived the darkest period of his life.

Danny is now a men’s mental health and exercising coach after rediscovering his passion for helping people. Danny opens up about how his childhood growing up on a council estate without a father figure affected his life and how he is dealing with it now through the four steps of self discovery.

If you are watching this episode for mental health, fitness or general health and wellness please know you are not alone and also remember to talk about it with loved ones, or a professional if accessible.

In this episode Danny talks about:

  • Childhood affects on your present self
  • Pre Love Island and life after TV
  • Fitness coaching journey
  • Overcoming the darkest period of his life
  • self awareness to help self as a whole
  • Adulting failures  and advice to younger self
  • Steps to help yourself mentally and physically

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