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The How To On Relationships with Millie Shields | Experimenting, Boundaries, Pleasure & Breakups

Have you ever wondered how to grow sexually? Millie Shields has grew her following across social media for speaking openly about sex and uses personal stories and facts to provide thousands of people support on a topic that many see as taboo. Have you ever felt obsessive after being cheated on? It is a very relatable story and Millie opens up on everything.

Growing up Millie, like many of us heard the old and traditional stories of what sex is and how specifically women lack encouragement for sexual pleasure. Millie shares her stories of first times, what she is still learning about and many relatable stories.

Millie is a bisexual woman and talks to Gaby about how she came out to her then boyfriend and how she asks for more experimenting in the bedroom whilst keeping pleasure. With situationships being spoken about across the internet, millie shares her views on open relationships and all the labels and everything that comes with dating, sex and pleasure.

In this episode the Millie talks about:

  • cheating and jealousy
  • Feeling embarrassed in relationships
  • Feeling pleasure and asking for it
  • How to state if you want a casual relationship
  • Importance of communication in relationships
  • Ensuring their is consent and boundaries in relationships
  • Bleeding during sex
  • How to experiment without feeling awkward
  • Adulting failures
  • Advice for her younger 20 year old self

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