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Sophia Smith Galer

A Guide to Sex and Relationships & Dispelling Sex Myths

Did the best sex advice you received in school involve putting a condom on a banana?

In this episode of Talk Twenties, Sophia Smith Galer debunks the sex myths you were taught at school and that have gone on to rule our lives.

The multi-award-winning journalist, author and TikTok content creator changes the course of conversation around the taboo of sex, equality and truths through her critically acclaimed book Losing It.

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Author Sophia Smith Galer, joins us in the Talk Twenties Studio!


In this episode Sophia Smith Galer talks about:

  • Personal experiences that led to her lack of knowledge in sex education
  • Life as a journalist for Vice and a TikTok content creator
  • Sophias book Losing It
  • Life advice for all twenty somethings
  • Adulting Failures