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Solo Travelling In Your 20s | How To Travel Solo Full Time With Gabs Explores

Gabs Explores proves that it is possible to travel as a solo female around the world. If you are worried or curious about solo travel we debunk some myths, tips and stories about flying solo. For example “Making friends when travelling abroad is easier”, says Gabs who explains how you should travel alone and focus on spending time alone as it is a wellbeing hack. Gabs shares a story about her time in Dubai and nearly being scammed and warns us all what to avoid on our solo 20 travels.

Gabs is the founder of females flying solo a community platform which educates and empowers women travelling the world solo and balancing working whilst travelling by using companies that will pay you to house sit!

In this episode Gabs talks about:

  • Female solo travel
  • Travel hacks for your 20s
  • How to get paid for travelling
  • Balancing friends and time alone whilst travelling
  • Staying safe whilst solo travelling
  • Avoiding scams abroad
  • Work whilst travelling the world
  • Failure in your 20s

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