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Simon Squibb: Homeless Teen To Multi-Millionaire Without University

Simon Squibb⁠, A MAN who dropped out of school and was homeless at 15 is now a multi-millionaire and joins the Talk Twenties Podcast to tell YOU how to turn dreams into reality. Simon uses his own personal stories and beliefs to share to Gaby and you how to start, grow and fail a business.

Simon is known as a controversial business man with strong beliefs around the education system and governments. Frequently doing street interviews telling people to quit their current jobs to pursue a dream and offers free advice and mentorship in the stairwell he bought in London.

In this episode Simon Squibb talks about:

  • Being homeless at 15 and dropping out of education 
  • “University is a scam” and why
  • Hacks for getting graduate jobs
  • Real reason behind the viral staircase purchase
  • The truth about the myth that 90% of businesses fail in the 1st year
  • New zero based business model
  • Real life business analysis 
  • Airbnb and Elon Musk’s X
  • Simon gives honest mentorship on Talk Twenties and Gaby 

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