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Ryan-Mark Exposes Himself | Truth VS Controversy, TV Persona & Coming Out

Ryan-Mark, a media personality who attracts controversy with his “persona” on shows such as The Apprentice, Celebs Go Dating and Good Morning Britain, joins the podcast to expose himself.

In a true and authentic expose interview of himself, Ryan-Mark shares everything from his media personality to his true personality and his personal life.

After coming out on TV without telling any of his family, Ryan-Mark shares he navigated being so different to anyone in his family with “no direct communication to family”.

If you love or hate him, one thing is for sure and that is he is everywhere in the media and he shares how in this episode.

In this episode Ryan-Mark talks about

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:28 Ryan-Marks camera roll
  • 5:24 World of TV 
  • 8:23 Ryan-Mark BTS
  • 9:25 Eating alone 
  • 10:15 Coming out 
  • 11:54 Family and coming out
  • 17:40 The apprentice 
  • 22:20 True happiness
  • 22:55 FOMO
  • 24:40 Comparison culture 
  • 25:50 Kris Jenner
  • 30:30 Finding opportunities 
  • 31:20 Rejection 
  • 33:13 Failure 
  • 39:40 Advice to 20 year old Ryan-Mark 

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