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Why You Obsess Over The WRONG People: Psychology Of Relationships, Childhood Trauma, Body Language Tricks For Dating – Francesca Psychology

Want to make someone fall in love with you and be more attractive on a first date?

In this new episode Gaby sits down with Francesca Psychology, the digital creator and 22 year old life coach with 2.3 million followers across socials. Now helping and guiding people through her life coaching and social media. Going viral for tips such as, 3 ways to stop obsessing over them. In this podcast episode we have asked her everything you need to know right now!

Since the age of 12 Francesca was fascinated by psychology. Growing up she spent all her time learning from experts across the world and studying. To share her life-changing tricks and knowledge on psychology Francesca uses social media to spread the word to millions.

In this episode the Francesca talks about:

  • How to appear more attractive on a first date
  • Body language tricks rooted in psychology
  • How the TYPE of people you are attracted to reflect childhood trauma
  • Possibility of making someone fall in love with you
  • Signs to know if someone is interested in your or just attracted
  • Healthy intimacy
  • Why you choose the people who are WRONG for you
  • Why you date someone older or younger than you
  • Why you date someone who is long distance
  • Commitment issues
  • Why you go for the “bad ones” when dating
  • obsessing over the idea of someone
  • Explaining emotional monitoring and how it effects your life
  • The explanation of Cognitive Distortions
  • What Francesca is figuring out in life

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