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How to Survive Lifestyle Inflation with Niaz Azad

Niaz Azad, co-founder of Millennial Money UK and the podcast Loose Change. Born out of the realisation that himself and his co-founder practiced law with a salary job and still suffered from uncomfortable money talks and taboo.

Niaz explains why 100k salary in London is not a substantial amount like it used to be and how someone with 40k could end up with more money, sharing his own transparent journey and many more. This podcast is focused on discussing the controversial topics surrounding money, offering simple yet effective ways you can become financially free.

In this episode Niaz talks about:

  • geographical differences in money
  • British obsessions
  • How to become financially free
  • Lifestyle inflation
  • Twenties advice
  • sustaining a side hustle / small business
  • Adulting failures

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Niaz joins us in the Talk Twenties Studio!

You can find Niaz through instagram or LinkedIn