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How To Make Money With Nafisa Bakkar: A Honest Guide to Starting and Building a Six-Figure Successful Business In Your 20s

With no money, no network, and no previous experience, Nafisa built her business Amaliah from scratch and has helped hundreds of founders to do the same. Now, she wants to share her honest, game-changing advice.

Nafisa talks about the messiness behind making your first 100k in business and what you should be doing to help!

Nafisa Bakkar Joins the Talk Twenties podcast to talk about:

  • Why do some businesses succeed and some fail
  • How to get started with an idea
  • How do I start a business on a budget
  • Why money mindset matters
  • How to build your connections, the power of your network
  • Integrity and values in business
  • Your thoughts on imposter syndrome
  • The first £100k – the messiness behind it
  • How to hire a team when it’s chicken and egg – need a team to make money, need money to get a team
  • How to get good at sales
  • How to keep going!

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Nafisa Bakkar