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Rap Game UK: Breaking into a male dominated industry with Meduulla

Meduulla is a North Manchester based musical artist known for her song ‘Lifes Like a Box of Chocolates’ and her time on The Rap Game UK season 3.

Meduulla first gained popularity as a Spoken Word artist and throughout this episode talks about her process for writing music and how it reflects being raised in North Manchester in a Zimbabwean household all the way to performing at Leeds and Reading fest. 

As a twenty something Medulla covers a range of topics in the podcast from how she dropped out of university to focus on her music and the realities of being a black queer woman in rap. 

In this episode Meduulla talks about:

  • lyrical process
  • The Rap Game UK
  • Dropping out of university
  • Using differences as an advantage
  • The power in words
  • Measure of success in parents
  • Adulting failures
  • LGBTQ+ community

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Rap artist, Meduulla joins us in the Talk Twenties Studio!