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Love Island Brad McClelland Talks Love Or Fame, Dating In Your 20s, Working a 9-5 & Grief

Love Island’s Brad McClelland who is only 27- years-young is still “trying to figure out life” just like the rest of us, despite what people might believe after being on a huge show like Love Island Brad still wants to work a “normal job in the fire service” and actually found the one outside of the villa.

Life before Love Island for brad was working in many jobs, just like most of us do in our twenty’s and shares the reason many go onto Love Island. Brad talks with Gaby about dating in our modern world, finding the one (Daisy Maguire is Brad’s one 😉)

In this episode Brad reveals all about Love Island and everything that comes before and afterwards in ways he has never before, talking openly about dealing with the grief of his Nana.

In this episode Brad talks about:

  • Did Brad go on love Island for Love or Fame?
  • Life before, during and after Love Island
  • Dating in the modern world vs traditional dating
  • What men really think about dating, love and relationships
  • Finding your purpose
  • Dealing with grief of a close loved one
  • Brad’s Adulting failures and advice to his 20 year old self

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Brad McClelland joins us in the Talk Twenties Studio!