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Kennie Bukky on Building Wealth In Your 20s | Build Streams Of Income & Negotiate Your Salary

This podcast episode is all about optimising your career opportunities to live happier more fulfilled lives and make more money. We’re joined by the wonderful Kennie Bukky, a career and personal growth creator, whose career in Tech has helped her shape her thoughts on getting the most out of your career and skill set.

In this episode Kennie Bukky talks about

  • How to optimise your career opportunities and make more money
  • How to make the most out of the skills you have and how to add more high-paying skills to your skillset
  • How to negotiate – especially as a woman
  • How to navigate getting a promotion
  • How managing your personal finances is importantHow to build a few streams of income
  • Building a personal brand online – there is a method to it, anyone can do it with the right guidance of advice
  • Adulting failures

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Kennie Bukky