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How To Unlock Your Full Potential Mind Body & Soul with Cami Sophia | Pilates Princess

Cami Sophia aka the TikTok sensation ‘Pilates Princess’ joins the Talk Twenties Podcast to teach you how to “become her” and unlock your true potential with your mind, body and soul.

Cami shares how she was rejected from work placements for her marketing degree which led to her creating more pilates content. The pilates princess TikTok at 8 million views. Since becoming so popular, Cami has had the opportunity to start her own podcast, ‘With Intention’.

The show involves Cami discussing healthy habits, workouts, and mindfulness, amongst ‘girl talk’ and body positivity.

In this episode Cami talks about:

– Cami’s journey with ‘Pilates Princess’

– Life changing turning 20

– Growth on social media

– Body intuition

– Motivation

– Growing into yourself

– Balanced diet

– Turning thoughts into reality

– Adulting failures

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Cami Sophia joins us in the Talk Twenties Studio!