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How To Survive Your 20s? Dear Gaby “I’m having a 20s crisis”

In the first Dear Gaby (solo episode) we took your questions about navigating your 20s and answered them using Gaby’s 28 years of experience and knowledge from the experts and celebs that join the podcast.

Gaby answers 11 messages, agony aunt style to help you navigate your 20s, including:

  • “I’m a teacher but I absolutely hate it”
  • “I feel disloyal being bored in my relationship”
  • “I have to move to my family home after I went freelance”
  • “I’m going bald and it is making me struggle on dates”
  • “I’m in my student overdraft, help”
  • “I hate my 9-5 job”
  • “I have friends but feel so isolated”
  • “My family have different political views and”
  • “I want kids and my partner doesn’t “
  • “I keep comparing myself”
  • “I am so nostalgic about my childhood”

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