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How To Get What You Want In 2024 | Reflections, Word Of The Year, Vision Boards, Hacks & Goals

The 2024 Rebrand: How to strategically plan for a new year, stay on track and not get overwhelmed with ‘new years resolutions’. The full Talk Twenties Team share how you can start fresh in 2024, review your 2023, reflect and hack the new year (all year round).

“This could change your life” – we share how these new year steps could positively impact your 2024 and the team reflects on how it worked for them in 2023 to prove it.

Prevent yourself from being overwhelmed with new years resolutions and goal setting by choosing a word of the year. Discover the Advantages of Selecting a Word of the Year. Embrace Simplicity and Focus: Ditch intricate resolutions for a straightforward single word. This word becomes your beacon, offering a clear and memorable theme to steer your actions and decisions all year long. The team chat through their 2022 word of the year and why you should choose one for 2024.

If you have ever wondered how to refocus your goals and intentions, vision boards might work for you and if you don’t like to make them we have some other hacks.

In this episode Ryan-Mark talks about

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