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How To Get Out Of Debt In Your 20s with Budget Jones’s Diary 

This is how to get out of 18K debt in your 20s, learn from the money mistakes of Beth AKA Budget Jones’s Diary in her episode of the Talk Twenties Podcast.

Beth confesses she got herself into bad spending habits leading to 18K debt in her twenties even though she worked as an accountant! This is a true confession of a shopaholic who has now changed her life around and focuses on sharing the advice you need in your 20s to prevent or get out of debt.

On another note, Beth confesses how she decided to move to the other side of the country after 3 dates for her now boyfriend in her 20s and how she approached the debt conversation with him and family.

In this episode Beth talks about:

  • What led to her reaching 18K in credit card debt
  • Confession of a shopaholic
  • How to acknowledge debt issues with yourself and loved ones
  • How to get out of 18k debt in your 20s
  • The mistakes you can learn from in your 20s
  • Knowing when the time is right to move in with a partner
  • Adulting failures and advice for her younger self

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How To Get Out Of Debt, Money Mistakes to Avoid In Your 20s with Budget Jones's Diary