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How To Bootstrap Your Business From £0 To Millions With Simmy Dhillon

Simmy Dhillon joins Talk Twenties on this weeks episode and is giving away one of you a FREE weeks worth of meals from Simmer Eats. 

Simmy Dhillon bootstrapped his family business, which started as delivering meals to mates in uni (where he studied maths), to becoming a MULTI MILLION pound business now. 

In this episode Simmy Dhillon talks about

  • Simmy’s camera roll last year
  • The story of growing SimmerEats
  • What does bootstrapping mean
  •  Why Simmy chose the route in business
  • How to be resourceful when starting a business
  • The realities of growing a start up (behind the scenes of Simmer)
  • How to know if your idea is one you should pursue
  • How to stay motivated when you aren’t seeing results
  • How to use social media to support a bootstrapped business.
  • Authenticity, Organic vs paid
  • Biggest adulting failure

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