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How Callum Carver Earns 20K Per Month At Age 20

Today we are joined by Callum Carver, a 20 year old self-made entrepreneur earning 20k a month.

Callum is the founder of The Kaizen, a newsletter which helps unleash the potential of the next generation. After leaving education after college, we chat about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, unleashing your potential and the secret to making people consume what you produce.

Whether you are a fan of Callum, The Kaizen or just a young ambitious person, we are so excited for you to dive into this episode. Please hit that subscribe or follow button so you never miss an episode, it means so much to us.

In this episode Gabs talks about:

  • 0:00 intro
  • 1:20 Into the Camera Roll
  • 5:00 School life
  • 5:44 Get to know Callum
  • 9:42 Entrepreneurship
  • 11:28 First Job
  • 11:45 Being your own boss
  • 12:20 Routine for success
  • 14:20 Life outside work
  • 15:43 Money Talk
  • 16:45 Earning 20k per month
  • 18:00 BTS of 20k months
  • 21:10 Toxic Self development
  • 23:00 Project Kaizen
  • 30:26 Callums Failure
  • 34:05 What are you working on?
  • 37:00 Advice for your 20s?

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