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Sink or Swim: How Building Social Chain Almost Broke Dom McGregor

Dominic is the co-founder of Social Chain, EY Entrepreneur of The Year winner, and is currently working with the government on social media. Dom announced on the Talk Twenties Podcast that he is hoping to run for prime minister in the future and shares his journey through his twenties. Dom opens up about his recovery with alcoholism, offering advice and support for other twenty somethings listening. 

After co-founding social chain with Steven Bartlett which was listed £300 million valuation in August 2019, Dom shares behind the scenes insight on what struggles arise when building businesses, especially as a young twenty year old after dropping out of university. 

*TW: mental health, addiction & suicidal ideation *

In this episode Dom talks about:

– Co-founding a £300 million evaluated business

– Pressure’s of entrepreneurship- mental health

– his struggles with addiction

– Dreams of becoming prime minister

– Adulting failures

– Advice for twenty year olds

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Dom McGregor joins us in the Talk Twenties Studio!