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Grief: The Full Journey With Misha Grimes

Grief is something we will all face at one point in our lives. Misha Grimes shares her story of dealing with grief after her dad passed away in 2021. We talk to Misha about the mourning a loved one, starting with the often overlooked phase of grieving before a loved one passes away.

Misha delves into the widely known 5 stages of grief chart, sharing her unique perspective on its usefulness. She offers invaluable insights into finding “normality” after experiencing profound loss, emphasising the delicate balance between privacy and the importance of sharing grief.

Listeners will learn the best ways to support and talk to a friend who is grieving, with Misha providing heartfelt advice drawn from her own experiences. She discusses common triggers after losing a loved one and the significance of finding a supportive community to lean on during difficult times.

A passionate advocate for mental and emotional well-being, Misha shares why she turned to running as a coping mechanism, highlighting the therapeutic benefits of physical activity.

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of grief and discover practical advice for navigating this challenging journey. Misha Grimes’ podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking solace, support, and a sense of community during times of loss.

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