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First Time Buyer Guide Understand The House Buying Process STEP BY STEP with Dan does Mortgages

First-Time Homebuyer’s Guide: Step by Step and everything in between with Dan Does Mortgages. We walk you through the house buying process in the UK in 6 Steps and cover all of the secrets, myths and hacks to buying your first home.

Mortgage Advisor, Dan Knott, known as Dan Does Mortgages breaks down deposits, mortgages, solicitor processes and much more, so grab a pen and paper, turn the volume up and listen in…

In this episode Dan Does Mortgages talks about:

  • Buying vs Renting
  • Step-by-step guide to buying your first home in the UK
  • Homeownership Step 1: Deposit
  • Pros and Cons about Lifetime ISAs
  • Homeownership Step 2: Speaking to a Mortgage Advisor
  • Understanding a credit score vs credit report
  • Mortgage lender criteria
  • Homeownership Step 3: Agreement in Principle
  • Homeownership Step 4: Househunting
  • Househunting do’s and dont’s
  • Homeownership Step 5: Mortgage Application
  • Search and Surveys: 3 levels of surveys
  • Homeownership Step 6: Solicitor finalised
  • Extra fees to save for when buying your first home
  • Stamp duty explained
  • Dan Does Mortgages: Adulting failures

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