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Finding Purpose & Direction In Your 20s | Talk Twenties Bonus EP

We know first hand the pressures faced in your 20s and rather than interviewing celebrities and experts we thought a Talk Twenties bonus episode was due. Gaby is joined by Talk Twenties creative producer Georgia, and the event and partnership manager Olivia. We also share a top secret tip on how to land any job you want (without the experience)

We all dive into the purpose of your 20s, challenges we have faced including personal stories about university and how we landed our jobs today. Talk Twenties Team shares all the tea on TwentiesFest – an event that has never been done before for 1,500 twenty-somethings!

If you enjoyed our Bonus Team Episode let us know and send us any topics you want us to cover TT Team style 😉

In this episode the team talks about:

  • Purpose of your 20s
  • Pressure in your 20s
  • Finding a job in your 20s (secret tip)
  • TwentiesFest
  • Story of Talk Twenties
  • Disrupting the education system

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