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Feeling Confident In Your Body with Fuller Bust Bestie

Feeling confident in your own body can be confusing when you don’t even understand your body or when you only listen to the comments from people around you. Fuller Bust Bestie had a realisation when the bra size she had always worn was not correct. She found it impossible to find proper sized bras and realised there was taboo about women understanding their own breast sizes and being confident in there body.

Fuller Bust Bestie opens up about the psychological damage of growing up being sexualised due to her breast size and what you can do and our society to help these issues.

In this episode the Saterra talks about:

  • Understanding your breast size
  • Dealing with psychological damage from sexualisation
  • Being confident in your own body
  • Breast Reduction
  • Connecting to your body
  • Adulting failures

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