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Eve Bennett Lost In Life After Education Ends

The OG StudyTuber Eve Bennett announces that she is leaving YouTube. Eve opens up about her growth on the platform and how she became a study YouTuber sharing the ups and downs of dedicating her life to education and graduating at Oxford University.

Eve talks openly about how she became the main source of her pressure as an overachiever. Now that Eve has graduated Oxford University she shares how hard she has found it adjusting to life outside of education. Even though Eve went to a prestigious university her and Gaby chat about the lack of life skills education people receive and how she has navigated it.

In this episode Eve talks about:

  • Pressures as an overachiever
  • The growth and end to her youtube life
  • Preparing for life after education “they don’t teach you this”
  • The Life skills eve wish she knew sooner
  • Advice to younger eve
  • Adulting failures
  • Failure, Imposter Syndrome & Perfectionism

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Eve Bennett