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Empowering South Asian Women in the Big Four and Content Creation | Tanvi Shah

Uncover the unspoken truth about the challenges faced as a South Asian women working in the big four, presenting and content creation.

Tanvi shares her insights on the romanticised perception of the corporate job and her personal experiences in a prestigious big 4 company. She reflects on her breaking point, emphasizing the non-negotiable importance of mental health, especially in demanding corporate environments.

Gain valuable insights into the financial side of content creation as Tanvi discusses monetising her content and making a name for herself. She addresses the challenges faced by South Asian content creators, founded a diversity committee, and tackles micro-aggressions head-on.

Tanvi fearlessly addresses the internal barriers hindering progress and offers inspiration for aspiring creators.

In this episode Tanvi talks about:

  • Accidental fame
  • Challenges as a South Asian woman
  • Leaving a stable job
  • Content creation
  • Working in the “big four”
  • Surviving corporate environments
  • Adulting failures  + Life in your 20s

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Tanvi Shah