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Embracing Yourself Openly and Proud with Kolade T Ladipo | Intersectionality, Creativity & Queerness

Kolade, a multi-hyphenate who moved to Liverpool, the great queer city was attacked 4 times in one day and it made the headlines. 

Kolade and his friends didn’t report the attack or homophobic slurs to police and founded Noire Gayse which discusses intersectionality and queerness. Kolade joins talk twenties to talk about growing up in the “closet” with his parents until 15 and the struggles that came with being gay. 

Kolade went to boarding school on a scholarship, originally from a working class back ground – he speaks about the importance of keeping your inner child and dreaming if you are a creative.

In this episode the Kolade talks about:

  • Growing up queer 
  • Wanting to be everything as a multi-hyphenate
  • Feeling unloved and underrepresented 
  • being bullied 
  • coming out and living “two lives”
  • Homophobic attack in Liverpool
  • Dreaming and creativity 
  • Adulting failures

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Embracing Yourself Openly and Proud with Kolade T Ladipo