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Ellie Middleton

ADHD and Autism

Neurodiversity advocate Ellie Middleton has had an extraordinary 12 months. Not only has she gone viral and become somewhat of a LinkedIn public figure, but she has also recently been diagnosed with ADHD and Autism.

Ellie advocates and talks openly about her life experiences in an extremely relatable way. In this episode of the podcast she discusses her journey to diagnosis, the traits of ADHD and Autism and how valuable neurodiversity can be in the workplace.

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Ellie Middleton joins us in the Talk Twenties Studio!


In this episode we discuss:

  • Ellie’s journey to being diagnosed with ADHD and Autism and how social media played a part
  • ADHD and Autism traits
  • How being neurodivergent effects you at work and in life as a 24-year-old woman
  • How someone can go about getting a diagnosis
  • Why neurodiversity representation is so important
  • Banishing preconceptions of what an autistic person looks like
  • How you can be a good friend to someone with ADHD and Autism
  • How you can be a good co-worker/manager someone with ADHD and Autism
  • Ellie’s current challenges as a twenty-something
  • Ellie’s one piece of advice she would give to her 20-year-old self