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El Burrito Monster’s Strategy for 11 million views

Oli Paterson AKA ElBurrito Monster spends his life turning crazy food ideas into reality. Oil once studied maths at university, now he is a full time food content creator with 563k followers on TikTok and 23.3 million likes.

Oli has hacked the TikTok algorithm, sharing his 3 steps for success on the app and his structure for creating food videos that reach millions of people daily. Not only does Oli successfully make videos for his own account El Burrito Monster with views up to 11 million on one video. Oli talks about how he earns extra money by creating success for other businesses like Barburrito.

El Burrito Monster’s love for maths – although it didn’t work in the “real world” has helped him creating immense success in creating crazy meals like watermelon pizza and hotdog burgers. After all of the wild creations Oli has made he reveals how he lost 5.5 stone and became a healthier version of himself.

In this episode Oli talks about:

  • How to eat good and cheap at university
  • Building a career in the food industry
  • Turning your passion into work
  • Strategies for going TikTok viral
  • Stepping into adult life
  • Adulting failures
  • Advice for twenties

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El Burrito Monster joins us in the Talk Twenties Studio!