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Disrupt The Status Quo and Make The World A Better Place | Briana Pegado

Do you want to make change and disrupt the status quo? Briana tells us how we can disrupt the status quo and make the world a better place.

Author Briana Pegado, who was named one of Scotland’s 30 under 30 for her inspiring work as a social entrepreneur in the creative industries. Briana talks us through how you can be a good disruptor and protect our peace.

In this episode Briana Pegado talks about

  • Growing up in AmericaFamily in politics
  • Student Politics Advice
  • What it means to be a disruptor
  • Living in an age of disruption
  • Build confidence to voice opinions
  • “Women struggle to speak up”
  • International woman’s day
  • How to recognise good leadership
  • How to be a good leade
  • rGaby’s ADHD diagnosis and advice
  • Briana’s adulting failure
  • Briana’s advice to her younger self

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