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What To Do When You Hate Your Boss with That Corporate Lawyer

Working a job where you hate your boss?Henry also known as That Corporate Lawyer is a legit lawyer who also makes content documenting the highs and lows of corporate life with a funny twist.

Using personal experience and deep diving into characters on his videos to show the difference in attitudes between Gen-Z and Millennials in the workplace. Although the content is mostly light hearted you can learn a lot of tips and tricks on navigating tricky bosses, different people in the workplace and more.

Henry goes into detail about being cheated on whilst on holiday and how he managed it in his 20s amongst pressures of work and bosses and general life. This episode is not one to miss.

In this episode Henry talks about

  • – Navigating tricky bosses
  • Difference of generations in the workplace
  • Flexible working
  • Navigating the corporate world
  • Content creation Dealing with heartbreak
  • Adulting failures

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