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Charley Marlowe Talks Meeting Cate Blanchett, Growing Up Working Class & Body Confidence

Charley Marlowe shares everything from growing up working class, body confidence to her meeting celebs like Cate Blanchett. Charley spills the tea on her days working as a TV runner on shows like Naked Attraction, Lady Chatterly’s Lover.

Charley shares how her “working class mindset” has made her suffer with imposter syndrome and her struggles in her 20s. Charley is known across socials, especially TikTok for her comedy sketches sharing that “every gay person is given one person to idolise” and she has met one of them! (Still waiting to meet Jane McDonald.)

In this episode Charley talks about:

  • – Growing up working class
  • – Life before TikTok blew up
  • – Working on TV
  • – Dating stories and hard launching her girlfriend
  • – Issues with the government
  • – Idols
  • – Struggles in her 20s
  • – Adulting failures

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