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Ben Gallagher – Luxe Collective

Fashion, Business and Sustainability

Luxe Collective’s co-founder, Ben Gallagher, joins the Talk Twenties podcast to talk all things Fashion, Business and Sustainability. We discuss Love Island coupling-up with eBay, the luxury fashion industry, why you should shop pre-loved, how Ben has built a successful business with his brother Joe and how he used TikTok to grow his business.

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Ben Gallagher from Luxe Collective joins us in the Talk Twenties Studio!


In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Ben and his brother started a business in luxury fashion
  • Secrets, hacks and insider knowledge about luxury fashion
  • Ben’s business journey, how he has grown Luxe Collective
  • Sustainability – Ben’s view on Love Island moving away from fast fashion brand sponsors
  • How TikTok helped him grow his business
  • Ben’s bold views about being a 22-year in business.