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Athena’s Crystals

How Spirituality and Crystals Can Change Your Life

Georgina dedicated herself to learning about the power of crystals and spirituality. Since then, she’s built a fast-growing community on TikTok, with over 1 million followers, inspiring others to learn about spirituality and self-confidence.

Georgina Easterbrook AKA Athena’s Crystals grew up in Brighton with her jeweller dad. After going to work with him one day and seeing him work with diamonds, she became fascinated with how such beauty can come from the earth and so began her love of gemstones and crystals. After struggling with mental health for many years and toxic relationships, Georgina’s life changed when she leaned into the power of spirituality, now successfully running her own crystal jewellery online business and her first book The Crystal Path is available now.

In this episode Georgina talks about:

– Guide for all things crystals

– Spiritual guidance for attracting your dreams

– Love languages

– Turning dreams into reality

– Manifesting wealth

– Dealing with Trauma

– Adulting failures

Advice for twenties

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Athena’s Crystals joins us in the Talk Twenties Studio!