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5 Actions To Grow Your Business Today with Alice Benham

Stop guessing and start growing your business with Alice Benham, business and marketing strategist and founder of On Paper. Alice has never had a “normal job” since 17 and has succeeded as an entrepreneur and digital creator, featured in Forbes, The Times and Insider Business using these 5 simple actions.

Alice shares her story of becoming a successful entrepreneur without a university degree or experience and shares everything she wishes she was told about business and the industry. This episode is a simple yet extremely effective Business 101 guide without excluding the barriers that life can bring.

In this episode Alice talks about:

  • Starting a business without experience or a degree
  • 5 tangible actions for business growth
  • Business and Marketing Strategy made simple
  • Learning on the job as a 20 something
  • Tips for being overwhelmed and confidence
  • Mistakes in your 20
  • Adulting failures

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Alice Benham
Alice Benham joins us in the Talk Twenties Studio!