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6 Self Belief Master Steps With The Self Belief Chief 

This episode is dedicated to help you overcome self-doubt in the areas of life that matter most. Whilst self-belief doesn’t affect everything in our lives, it affects us every day of our lives.

David Hulman shares how his self belief journey began as a young Jewish boy on the school playground being bullied to now mastering his own 6 Steps. The ‘6 Self-Belief Master Steps’ is David’s model for measuring and increasing self-belief in the simplest way possible.
He developed it by modelling self-belief in multiple areas including social psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy & more to find the common denominators, to which there are six: Clarity, Energy, Focus, Triggers, Momentum & Growth.

In this episode the Francesca talks about:

  • The science and art of self belief
  • 6 step model for self belief
  • Enemy of execution is complexity
  • Clarity in life and self belief
  • Dealing with school bullies
  • Focus and your self belief
  • Growth and your self belief
  • Adulting challenges

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