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5 Steps to Controlling Your Mind with TJ Power | Addiction, Porn, ADHD & DOSE Formula

Neuroscientist and entrepreneur, TJ Power shares the DOSE Strategy which is changing the game of mental health and everything surrounding. Covering addiction, porn, obsession, relationships, ADHD and general mental health using the DOSE strategy this episode is not one to miss.

TJ Power is the neuroscientist who co-founded, an education platform that enhances mental health with neuroscience-based training experiences.

TJ assists Gaby in building her personal DOSE formula in simple steps so you can follow at home and understand your brain whilst implementing simple steps to control it.

In this episode TJ talks about:

– DOSE formula

– Neuroscience expertise

– Dopamine

– Oxytocin

– Serotonin

– Endorphins

– Advice on mental health for your twenties


– adulting failures

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TJ Power
TJ Power joins us in the Talk Twenties Studio!