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Tips for moving back home with your parents

After moving away, getting used to your own space and freedom, having to move back home with your parents or family can be a struggle!

It is pretty normal for most twenty-somethings to move back in with your parents, at some point, even for a short period of time. Whether it be after you finish uni, or in between jobs, or you just need a place whilst you figure things out, moving back is very different once you’ve had your own set of ‘rules’ or ‘no rules’.

It sometimes can be really difficult to move back in with your parents and don’t forget they might find it hard too. If you’re making this next step soon, here are a few ideas and tips to help along the way!

1. Set Boundaries

It is important to set boundaries from the outset. Moving back home as a twenty-something, your parents have to realise you’re not a child anymore, you’re an adult with your own life!

Your parents may want to know what time you’re coming in or if you’re having tea (the best perk of moving home). Whilst it’s important to communicate with your parents you also don’t have to tell them your every move. Be clear on this early on, trust us it will save any rows later on.

Sometimes you may want to go for spontaneous drinks after work but you don’t want this to cause any arguments back home. Understand that it’s natural for a parent to want to know that you’re safe so make sure you communicate whilst also keeping those boundaries in place that means that you still have some privacy in your life.

2. Create your own space

Not everyone will be lucky enough to move back into their own bedroom and sometimes you have to share but whatever space you have, try to make it your own.

Whether you redecorate or buy some new pieces, it will make moving back home that little bit more exciting. You may also want to do a big sort out if you are moving back into your teenage bedroom! Pinterest is a great place to find some ideas to redecorate.

3. Keep looking forward

Moving home can feel like a step backwards but sometimes we have to step back to move forward. Moving home for most people is a money saver for a place of your own or travelling, even if it’s just to get that student overdraft gone with.

Set yourself a goal and a rough timeframe and stick to it. There will be a few hurdles along the way, but if it’s what you want, you’ll be back out of there in no time!

4. Stay positive

Washing done, tea on the table, fridge full… just to name a few of the perks of moving back home! Understandably not everyone’s parents are going to do this but when they do, enjoy it! One day you’ll be back doing it all for yourself and wishing you had someone there to do it for you.

Final thoughts

It’s important to remember that moving back home is a totally normal step that many people take at all stages of their life. It’s also a privilege that some people do not have the option to do, so although this may feel like a difficult time for you, remember how lucky you are.