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Is ‘working 9-5’ a thing of the past?

It is fair to say that many twenty-somethings have moved away from the regular 9-5; some have even moved away from communal office spaces and now work from home full-time or other locations around the world.

And as soon as you step away from being confined by the 9-5 mindset, so many different opportunities open up to you.

If this is something that you’ve been dreaming of, here are five ways you can ditch the more traditional job and create an opportunity that suits you – wherever that may be!

5 key steps to find more flexible working

1. Look at your strengths and previous experience

Whenever you go for a job, it is so important to look at your strengths and previous work experience. If you’ve got a degree that includes a language for example, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to become a translator or teacher. Yes, you might speak another language, but there are many companies all over the world seeking native-English speakers who would benefit from your dual or multi-lingual skills. You could, in turn, benefit from the experience of living in another country. So why not combine your marketing experience with your minor in Spanish and take the leap?

2. Look to other industries

Ask yourself what other industries you might be interested in that allow for a different working schedule.

The drinks and events industries are great examples of this; one day you might be planning an event, doing the regular 9-5 hour day; but the next, you could be adjusting your schedule to allow for a late finish at a bar event you’re hosting, followed by a subsequent later start the next day.

Your hours may be somewhat irregular, but there are usually perks to this, such as starting later (allowing for a mid-morning gym class) or even entrance to exclusive events and launches.

3. Go freelance

Freelancing is another great way to take control of your working hours and potentially allow you to work from wherever, whenever. The cliché of a sun-tanned twenty-something sipping coconut water next to a laptop on a beach in Bali might make some people roll their eyes, but the world is changing. So much of our work CAN and SHOULD be done from wherever you feel comfortable!

However, a word of warning: make sure you set yourself up correctly as either self-employed/limited company and follow the correct procedures when making the move to freelance, as you don’t want to get in trouble with the tax people for cutting corners!

4. Network, network, network

We are all told we should be doing more of it, but it really is vital for taking the next step.

What industries would you like to learn about where the 9-5 isn’t a requirement? Get in touch with these people over LinkedIn, connect with family friends or Instagram accounts you admire. When accompanied by a friendly, professional message, most people will be flattered and willing to help you out.

A great book for understanding the power of networking is The Radical Sabbatical by Emma Rosen (she also tries out 25 career options under 25 which is just an incredible feat in itself!)

5. Get learning to fulfil job requirements

How can you fulfil the job role you’re looking at?

Nowadays, you only have to do a Google search to find a course (and often a free one) that can give you that extra knowledge to propel you into your next role. If you need to learn the ins and outs of SEO, coding, whatever – get on it, there’ll be a course for it!

A new job opportunity is not out of reach.

Creating new opportunities is not impossible in this day and age. Keep up the networking, personal development and skills development and you’ll find something that suits YOU and YOUR wants. Good luck!